The messenger

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The messenger

About the book:

After returning home from a combat mission in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Special Forces sniper Rob Walker is in a race for time to rescue his kidnapped sister from the clutches of a Mexican drug cartel.

Having seen too much during a botched drug deal, she is snatched up off the street and handed over to members of a Mexican cartel who are after their payday. Suspecting her of being sold into sex slavery to satisfy the unpaid debt, Rob must act before it’s too late. But, taken deep into the Mexican criminal underworld, Marianne completely drops off the radar.

Heading south on a quest to find her, Rob teams up with his best friend and spotter. He decides to do the only thing he can do: commit violence and punish everyone involved in his sister’s disappearance.

Rob’s mission: save Marianne and send a clear message of brutality to her captors.

But once a cartel hitman picks up their trail, it becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Will they get to Marianne in time? Or will she vanish forever into the global sex trade?

Chapter excerpt:

Rob and Kyle had positioned themselves at a distance to provide cover for the Special Forces team as they prepared to clear the remote Afghan village of militants and eliminate one of their top lieutenants. Special Forces had fought the Taliban and al-Qaeda for years. However, the Islamic State took savagery to a whole new level. They were brutal. The coalition could not allow ISIL to regroup and gain a foothold in Afghanistan after their defeat in Iraq and Syria. They were like a cancer that needed to be removed before it spread.

The rest of the US Army Special Forces team, Operational Detachment Alpha-595, or ODA-595, waited in position. Historically, the Special Forces, except for Operational Detachment-Delta, or Delta Force, didn’t normally conduct direct action or high-value target raids like the Navy SEALs and the Army Rangers. Special Forces teams were mostly instructors to foreign military allies, going into battle with them when needed. However, the team was among some whose mission had recently changed.

On the other side of the valley, Rob looked through the glass of his M107 Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifle, its bipod resting sturdily on the flat rock surface amid the undergrowth. With a maximum effective range of eighteen hundred meters, that rifle was the optimal weapon for long-range targets in the Afghan Mountains.

Kyle studied the halfway point between their position and the target area through his Leupold Mark 4 spotting scope, noting the wind swaying the grass to one side. He called out the range while examining the scope’s mil-reticle. “Distance to nearest building, five hundred and fifty meters.”
Peering through his scope, camouflage Mechanix gloves on his hands, Rob grasped the pistol grip on his rifle.
“Roger that, five hundred and fifty meters,” he replied as he started doping or dialing the elevation turret with his other hand.

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