About the book:

On a mission in Africa, a Special Forces operator unwittingly uncovers a government conspiracy that gets half his men killed and sends him on a quest to bring those responsible to justice.

US Army Special Forces team sergeant and sniper Master Sergeant Rob Walker is deployed to the Horn of Africa as part of a joint task force with the Ethiopian National Defense Force. They’ve been tracking terrorist targets for months and training local forces to prevent the establishment of permanent terrorist training camps within and near their borders.

But a few US officials have a vested interest in the region. When an operation goes horribly wrong and half his team is killed, Walker begins to question the motives of his government. Badly wounded, he sneaks out of the hospital and begins his own investigation into the deadly attack.

What he finds is something he was never meant to see. Walker unravels a sinister scheme, one that will make a few rich beyond their wildest dreams if they can keep it a secret. 

Their mistake? They should’ve made sure he was no longer breathing.

Walker goes dark and off the grid, on a one-man mission to find the perpetrators and make them pay. And he won’t stop until every last one has answered for their crimes.

But, will he make it that far? Or, will they finally finish the job?