Rob Walker has served in countless operations in combat zones across the globe. Now, his mission is personal.



An absolutely gripping thriller: When sniper Rob Walker returns home from Afghanistan, he learns his sister, Marianne, has been kidnapped by a cartel — and joins forces with his best friend in order to track them down before it’s too late…

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about john

His passion is writing thriller and suspense novels that entertain and keep you up at all hours of the night!

John Etterlee is a retired U.S. Army combat Veteran, thriller author, lover of horses and other animals, and adventurer. Born in Augusta, Georgia, he joined the United States Army in 2001, shortly after the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and served multiple tours overseas before being medically retired in 2013.

The Messenger

Rob Walker Books | Book 01

After returning home from a combat deployment to Afghanistan, U.S. Army Special Forces sniper Rob Walker is in a race for time to rescue his kidnapped sister from the clutches of a Mexican drug cartel.
Having seen too much during a botched drug deal, she is snatched up off the street and handed over to members of a Mexican cartel who are after their payday. Suspecting her of being sold into sex slavery to satisfy the unpaid debt, Rob must act before it’s too late. But, taken deep into the Mexican criminal underworld, Marianne completely drops off the radar.

The Cold Storm

Roger O’Neil Books | Book 01

Former Special Ops Sergeant, Roger O’Neil, thought it would be a simple winter retreat with his loved ones in the vast Montana wilderness.

 He thought wrong.

After years of fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, he returns home to Montana just to find that home is no longer the safe haven he once thought it was. On a winter trip to his late grandfather’s cabin in the Montana Mountains, Roger must save his family from a gang of ruthless killers by reuniting with his combat-hardened buddies for one final fight.

The Strike Point

Roger O’Neil Books | Book 02

CIA Operative, Roger O’Neil goes deep undercover in Russia and teams up with a group of SAS Soldiers amidst a growing nuclear threat against America and a ruthless killer stalking them from the shadows.
America is at the brink nuclear war with Russia. Roger, an ex-Army Ranger is pursued and reluctantly recruited into a new CIA clandestine unit. Sent undercover into the heart of Moscow as a Canadian tourist, he and the SAS team slowly begin to unravel the biggest international conspiracy since the Cold War, and an FSB hitman hot on their trail.

Professionally written by a brilliant author who knows very well how to craft a suspenseful, thrilling, and action-packed story. Highly recommended!

Team Golfwell
There is no doubt in my mind this is a quite easy rating of 5 stars.
Tony Parsons
The author brings the characters and the storyline to life and makes it difficult to put the book down!
Andrew Graham
Fast-paced novel with an exuberant storyline!
An excellent, action-packed international thriller!

J. Phillips

Read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down!
Jennifer Aish
Rip-roaring read! Won’t be the last from this author!
Mrs. Humphrey
Brilliant, edge of your seat action! It was as if I was watching TV!
Roy Lees
A taut, non-stop, action-filled story line full of mayhem, murder and danger.


This one is a fast read. It sucks you in and holds on tight. The action is fast paced, rehearsed down to the inth and has a realism only a vet could produce!

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